Monday, 9 August 2010

Costumes, costumes, costumes

The "Heeley Hoofers" are putting on another show this October, and once again I am making the costumes. And just because I must love pressure, I am also directing this show. Now I have never directed before in my life, if you ask anyone really close to me, they will say I can be bossy and forceful and obstinate, to everyone else I am quite shy and try my best to blend into the background. But anyway I agreed to do it (apparently I have an inability to say no to the pleadings of a pregnant woman) and I think it's working out OK.

So anyway, we have put rehearsals on hold for the summer holidays, so I am taking this time to get on with the costumes. I would like to have most of the costumes done before rehearsals start again in September, but I have of course given myself an excessively large amount of work to do. The show we are putting on is called "The Robin Hood Files", which is various different stories about the different incarnation of Robin Hood. And as there are only 15 of us performing this time, it means everyone has to take on multiple roles and therefore several costume changes. Am I just trying to torture myself?

The current list of things to make stands at 51 items, but I'm sure that number will increase. Tunics and Doublets and Dresses and Hats and Cloaks and Robes and a Police Uniform, but definitely no Parrots this time.
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