Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Unintentional Velma

Fluffrick's comment when I put this outfit on today, was that I looked like "Velma" from Scooby Doo.

And I see what he means, with the orange jumper and orange socks.  But I take being likened to Velma as a compliment, if it hadn't been for her, that group of "pesky kids" would have met there end long ago.

You can't see the orange in the skirt in these pictures, it was particularly gloomy up at the park this evening.  I can't remember exactly when I made this skirt, sometime in the late 90's I think.  It's a pattern from Burda Magazine, I have copies dating back from the mid 90's, back when the pattern sheets were even more incomprehensible.  If I was making this skirt now, I would definitely try to match the checks at the side seams, I have become far more picky about such things in my advancing years.  The orange Merino jumper can from a charity shop in Dronfield, it was the pricely sum of £1.  I think it had ended up on the sale rail for two reasons, 1 it claims to be a size XL, which it definitely is not and 2 it is meant to be dry cleaned, but a wool cycle in the washing machine worked just fine.

If I'd been able to fine my turquoise jumper this morning, as I had intended, the unintentional Velma would never have happened.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

One Week One Pattern - A Summery Summary

In hindsight picking a skirt for my participation in "One Week On Pattern" in September in Britain, could have been a huge mistake.  But the weather was most definitely on my side last week.  I have ten (count them TEN) different versions of this skirt in my wardrobe - New Look 6106, but there are a couple that I very rarely wear, and I need to do something about that.

We had a fairly quiet day on Saturday, just puttering about and taking the dogs for a walk.  The best accessory with all my outfits is definitely my dogs and they often influence what I wear.

Outfit details
skirt - purple chambray NL6106
t-shirt - GAP
hoody - Next (men's small)
shoes - Converse All Stars
dog - Bonnie

Sunday was another quiet day, dog waking, eating Moussaka (made with quorn) and watching Stage 1 of the Tour of Britain

Outfit Details
skirt - Green Linen/Cotton NL6106 with appliqué circles
t-shirt - Boden Hampton Tee
shoes - Superga (from TK Maxx)
dog - Bonnie

Monday was a work day, but fortunately our office is fairly casual (I can wear jeans to work, but it somehow feels wrong).  This version of the skirt I made last year from a Boden Men's shirt and a linen pillowcase that I got at a local charity shop.  It is the only time I have made the skirt with the contrast border at the bottom.  I love this skirt, well it is green and linen, but I don't seem to have many things that go with it; I wasn't even really sure about this t-shirt, but as it is a marl green, I thought it would be alright.

Outfit Details
skirt - Boden Refashion NL6106
t-shirt - John Lewis
shoes - Cooler (from TK Maxx)
dog - Hagrid

Tuesday was another work day and Fluffrick took the dogs to the park, hence the garden shots.

Outfit Details
skirt - Purple Chambray NL6106
t-shirt - Charity Shop
cardigan - Charity Shop
shoes - Matalan (men's)

Wednesday was work again.  This is the most recent version of NL6106 I made (for the recent Grande Depart of the Tour de France), it's very hard to see but the fabric isn't spotty, it's covered in little bicycles in various colours.  This is definitely the most summery version I have of this pattern.

Outfit Details
skirt - Tour de France NL6106
t-shirt - Matalan
cardigan - Charity Shop
shoes - Cooler (from TK Maxx)

Thursday was another work day.  At work I also wore a cream and navy striped cardigan (from TK Maxx) as it can be a bit cool in the office.  I don't normally wear sleeveless tops as I think my upper arms are a bit flabby (no guns here), but it was just too warm in the evening to wear the cardigan.
Outfit Details
skirt - Tour de France NL6106
t-shirt - Cotton Traders
shoes - Cooler (from TK Maxx)
dog - Bonnie

Friday, another work day and again Fluffrick had taken the dogs out, so these photos are in the glamorous laundry drying area of our back garden.  I literally finished this blouse on Thursday night, it is the Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch.  This is a (very) wearable muslin, from Laura Ashley fabric I have had in my stash for probably close to 20 years.  The pattern is a little busy, which is probably why it has waited so long for me to use it.  I traced the pattern out as a 6 at the bust, a 5 at the waist and a 4 at the hips and this worked fine, but next time I want to take the sleeve head up half an inch and add a little to the length, but there will definitely be a next time. 

The skirt is from a piece of blue/brown shot linen (not too creased considering I had worn it all morning at work), that I had left over from my Cappuccino dress (yet to be blogged about).  I could possibly have done with lining the skirt, I just need to make sure I don't stand with the light behind me.

Outfit Details
skirt - Cappuccino Froth NL6106
blouse - Subtle Mimi blouse
shoes - can't remember
dogs - Bonnie & Hagrid

I really enjoyed participating in OWOP (except for having my photo taken, needless to say), especially seeing that my Me Made Made this year went completely undocumented due to the camera taking a holiday down the back of the sofa.  I already wear a lot of my self made clothes on a regular basis, but I do need to look at the things that I have made but hardly (if ever) wear and rectify that.

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