Friday, 3 September 2010

The Weekend

So what does my weekend have in store.

Yet more costumes. Rehearsals started again yesterday, although only for seven out of the fifteen performers. To say that the show is only 7 week away, I am starting to get a little stresses. If people don't show up next week, I am really going to have to get my shouty voice on. If I can get the costumes done, that will be one less (or rather 50+) less things to worry about.

I could also do with spending sometime in the kitchen. Making a load of thing to put in the freezer, does calm me down, maybe I have some squirrel in me? I picked a load of brambles earlier in the week, so I really need to do something with them. I don't know what it is with the bramble crop this year, but it is insane.

Spending sometime with my lovely husband and little puppy, would also be good. As I'm going to be abandoning them two night a week for rehearsals, I need them to know just how much I love them.

Maybe I should throw some relaxing in there, but I really don't think I have the time.
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