Monday, 18 August 2008

We Love Monkey World

We're down here in Dorset on holiday (yes, we do go to work occasionally).  It has to be said the one of the main reasons for coming to Dorset is to visit Monkey World and we were not disappointed.  This delightful chap above is Paulo, he is a Woolly Monkey, a tragically endangered primate from South America.

This splendid Orangutan is part of the Nursery group; the park is the European centre for orphaned Orangutans.  I chose to adopt A-Mei who if the "Mother" to this group.  She certainly has her paws full.

This is a somewhat surreal picture from the Annual Bridport torch light procession.  It sadly was a somewhat damp night, but a fun night nonetheless.  The procession started from Bucky Doo Square and ended (seemingly many miles away) at the West Bay.


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