Monday, 22 February 2010


I'm making a coat for my Darling, very much like to picture above, but with patch rather than inset pockets. We bought the fabric several months ago, before I go distracted by 17 costumes for "Treasure Island" (pictures of them to follow shortly). It is a light-weight cord in a mustardly brown yellow (nicer than it sounds), I've bound the seams with bias binding as I couldn't face lining it and I am determined to finish it sooner rather than later.
There are many many things I have started for my Darling, that are languishing in my UFO pile. Granted there are far more things I have started for myself that are UFOs, than for my Darling, but that's not really an excuse it it. Should March be "Finish What You Started Month"?


LollyChops said...

I can barely make a 4 sided bag much less a super fabulous coat like this! You must have some mad sewing SKILLZ!!!! You will have to let me know when the magical coat is done! I would love to see it!

HUGS and thanks for dropping by my place today!

Have a souper week!

Fluffrick said...

Wow - that dude's handsome and no mistake. I shall do my best Don Draper impersonation when modelling the coat for future blog publication...

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