Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One for Him, One for Me

Now that the insanity of the costumes is over (for the moment anyway). I've been busy with some domestic sewing. Here is my beautiful husband modelling his new Cord Coat (with his best "catalogue" pose) that is wearable if not totally finished. It currently has no pockets, I've given up on the idea of patch pockets on the outside, I think it would spoil the look of the coat, but I do need to give him an inside pocket, he was just too eager to wear it.

Here is a detail of how i finished the seams. I didn't want to line the coat (much to my Mother's disgust - when was the last time she lined a coat?) So I bound all the seam with bias binding, and I'm really happy with how it came out.

This dress is from fabric I have had in my stash for soooo looong. I think it's a linen mix, it was a remnant to begin with. I was going for Joan but really I'm much more of a Peggy. I'm a bit of a Mad Men addict at the moment. I don't know why I have that strange look on my face, it had been a long day, it was just great to come home and there still be enough daylight to actually take a picture. The dress even had little pockets, a must for me.


Unknown said...

Hi, I found your blog through Me-Made-May. You are such a generous seamstress- sewing for others! Your husband looks great in his new coat.

And I love the detailing on the neckline of your brown dress.

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