Thursday, 6 May 2010

I hate having my photo taken

Possibly almost as big a challenge as wearing something I have made myself, every day of May, is documenting it. I really hate having my picture taken. I always feel self conscious, stupidly posed and with a daft look on my face. So gripe over with, I'll move on to the outfits.

Like the rest of the Me Made Mayers I did a catalogue of the self made clothes to try and work out what I could wear. What I found was a dearth of casual clothes, loads of things (well quite a few) for work, but little for the weekend, lolling about. So I made myself a pair of jeans last week. Really they are denim trousers, I'm not 100% sure about the fit, but they will do for now. The top I made several year ago, it has a hood at the back and is a linen/cotton mix I think.
The jeans again, we were away for the weekend so I packed light, and a floral tunic that I wear alot. I really should have interfaced the neckband, as it does tend to gape a little.
Forgive the re-enactment pictures, the bathroom was the only one with enough natural light. Floral tunic again, this time paired with a refashioned linen skirt. The skirt was orignally a UK size 8, which I might have been able to wear when I was 8, fortunately it was a wrap, so with a bit of faffing, the addition of a zip and a pocket, the result is a really crappy picture.

This is what happen when you have a four day weekend and very few casual clothes. A men's linen shirt bought on Friday, turned into a skirt by Tuesday. The top was once a pillowcase. I have to admit to wearing a non me-made cardigan with this outfit, as it was just chuffing cold on Tuesday.

My first work outfit. Made a couple of week ago, with Ikea fabric and a thrifted black shirt. This is a "Project Runway" Simplicity pattern, that I really like the fit of and I already have made twice. The purple variation is bound to crop up later in the month.

Thinking about Me Made May, I have realised that here is a dress I have made that I need to find an occasion to wear, that being my wedding dress. Don't worry, it is in no way a traditional wedding dress, it is red silk, vintage vogue and still fits seven years later. Where can I get darling Mr P to take me that I can wear it?


emily said...

That last dress is particularly lovely! I've seen some great stuff made with that Ikea fabric and I have some sat in a suitcase as we speak... x

Fluffrick said...

There's always the grand reopening of Mish Mash...

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