Friday, 16 November 2012

Where has my blogging mojo gone?

So it's been well over a month since I last posted.  Where has my blogging mojo gone? 

 I wonder if it's that most of the blogs that I read seem to have become Christmas centric and that is just not going to happen her at "Rolling Eyeballs".  This is a Christmas free zone.

But do you ever ask yourself, why am I celebrating Christmas?

Updated: I feel I turned into an utter Grinch with this post.  If you had told the child me in the 1970's that one day I wouldn't celebrate Christmas I would not have believed you, because to most children all Christmas means is PRESENTS.  I think for adults Christmas can bring out the extremes in our personalities, everything is taken up a notch and not always in a good way.  Christmas has the power to bring out the control freak in me, the delusion that I am the only one that can do everything.  Add to that a desire to make rather than buy everything and also a desire not to leave anybody out and it is a recipe for mega stress.

I am looking forward to a nice quiet December, a lovely meal on the 25th with lovely family and sitting down to enjoy Dr Who's The Snowmen. Stress free. 


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