Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Unintentional Velma

Fluffrick's comment when I put this outfit on today, was that I looked like "Velma" from Scooby Doo.

And I see what he means, with the orange jumper and orange socks.  But I take being likened to Velma as a compliment, if it hadn't been for her, that group of "pesky kids" would have met there end long ago.

You can't see the orange in the skirt in these pictures, it was particularly gloomy up at the park this evening.  I can't remember exactly when I made this skirt, sometime in the late 90's I think.  It's a pattern from Burda Magazine, I have copies dating back from the mid 90's, back when the pattern sheets were even more incomprehensible.  If I was making this skirt now, I would definitely try to match the checks at the side seams, I have become far more picky about such things in my advancing years.  The orange Merino jumper can from a charity shop in Dronfield, it was the pricely sum of £1.  I think it had ended up on the sale rail for two reasons, 1 it claims to be a size XL, which it definitely is not and 2 it is meant to be dry cleaned, but a wool cycle in the washing machine worked just fine.

If I'd been able to fine my turquoise jumper this morning, as I had intended, the unintentional Velma would never have happened.


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