Wednesday, 25 January 2017

This is not a New Year's Resolution

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions; you are just setting yourself up to fail (me cynical, no).  Many a diary has been started on January 1st, only to be discarded before the month is out.  So this is in no way shape for form a New Year’s Resolution; but I do need to get control of my stash.  I sew therefore I stash.  It’s not so much my fabric stash that disturbs me (although it is considerable and has been slowly multiplying over 30 years), but my pattern stash, especially the PDF patterns.  Most are printed off, stuck together and cut to my size, that’s a lot of work for me then not to be using them.

For me most PDF sewing patterns (or the Big 4 printed patterns for that matter) are impulse buys.  See pretty thing, buy pretty thing, all too often do not make pretty thing.  Last November Sew Over It released the Heather Dress, a snugly ponte winter dress with all important integrated pockets and it was only £7.  However, for once I resisted the temptation, I thought those design lines look not dissimilar to the Muse Philippa Dress, I already have the pattern for the Muse Philippa Dress, I have had it for months and not made it up, I know I will make a snugly ponte Philippa winter dress.  Of course I had to buy new fabric to make it, but that’s a different story.  So here it is

Whatever am I saying?

It’s a little longer and a little looser fitting than the Heather dress, but really comfy and very snugly.  I used the Narrow sleeves from the Muse Sleeve Pattern pack, I self drafted a neck band (85% of the neck circumference), also I didn’t insert a zip, I can get it on and off without one.  I stabilised the pocket opening with some elastic, but it was maybe a little too bulky and in hindsight unnecessary, I don’t think the pockets will stretch out.  The only other change and the reason for the dress being looser fitting, is I cut the side back and centre back out together to eliminate the curved seam, which probably added a few centimetres of ease at the waist, I did contemplate removing the ease with a fisheye dart, bit I’m ok with it being on the loose side.

And it's loose enough to give Bonnie Hugs

So that’s one PDF pattern used and likely to be used again, many more to go.  Top of the list are two Blueprints for Sewing Patterns, the Saltbox Top and the A-Frame Skirt, the Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice and the Tahi Skirt by Muse Patterns.  Not to mention, The Jutland Pants by Thread Theory, the Jasper Top by Paprika Patterns and the Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.  That should keep my busy for a little while.


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