Saturday, 28 June 2008

Being the first in a series of posts about insomnia...

For reasons which are not entirely clear (my caffeine consumption is scrupulously policed during the day, I'm physically tired and wholly ready to lay my head down, so I'm at something of a loss), I find myself awake again at Stupid O' Clock and traversing the Internets in search of distraction.

What better way to do that, gentle reader, than to commence posting on a blog which has been in stasis for many a long month? It sure beats watching cable at this ungodly hour.

The plan is that this blog will feature regular contributions from my better half and yours truly - not so much a division of content bisected crudely down gender lines but a view of how we see the lines in terms of personality and individual interest.

And because we're probably too accursedly lazy to maintain individual journals for your viewing pleasure - never rule out sloth as an odd motivator in anything that we do.

More to follow - perhaps, even, interesting and of worth?


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