Saturday, 28 June 2008

This week's best T-Shirts Ever!

A lamentable fact about your author is his predilection for cool t-shirts - I have a comparably miniscule number of dress shirts hanging in my wardrobe, but can hardly move for logo/graphic shirts of varying degrees of wit.

Courtesy of the fine folks over at the new DVD & Blu-Ray Review magazine blog comes a post on just such garments - for the original blog post see our blog links or go directly to the source.

Being from the North of England, and having an abiding love for Sheffield's finest (sorry Jarvis)
I was particularly drawn to the DePalma shirt, although there's something about the Von Trier shirt, wouldn't you say?

Clearly the ideal gift for the ironic, independent film-loving, unrepentant metal head in your life (and who doesn't have one of those?)


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