Friday, 4 July 2008

And in today's edition of "Chicken or Egg?" digest...

Musings, over at PS3 Fanboy, on whether Blu-Ray is the wagging tail or - egad - the dog itself. We can debate this one until the DualShock 3 shows up in the EC, but my feelings are that the do-everything-pretty-well-except-boast-good-games nature of the platform is the only stumbling block between this PlayStation iteration and total domination. Well, that and the cost, but things were ever thus.

Once the Sony software portfolio has those elusive AAA titles (we have MGS4, anticipate Little Big Planet eagerly and are bored of waiting for the arrival of GT5 and Resi 5), it'll be a battle between Microsoft and Nintendo for second place.

Or will Nintendo jump keep steamrollering the competition improbably with their last gen tech?

Stranger things, and all that...(with props to High-Def Digest)


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