Saturday, 5 July 2008

And since I'm linking to videos...

...I would be remiss if I didn't mention Channel Four's excellent promo video for their upcoming Stanley Kubrick season.

Hosted via the Guardian newspaper's website, it's a minute of splendidness to rival Scorsese's
ace Hitchcock homage from last Christmas for Spanish drink brand Freixenet.

And after you've watched those two, how about taking a look at Wes Anderson's American Express campaigns on You Tube?

As Rolling Eyeballs bloody loves Kevin Smith, here's a link to one of his Panasonic ads (Rolling Eyeballs also LOVES Panasonic, would happily proclaim so in public and selflessly volunteers to evaluate one of their new Profile 2.0 BD players...).

In the spirit of muck-raking and merrimental juxtaposition, here's a glance at why Tim Burton doesn't direct too many commercials...

Finally, a flat-out classic Apple ad from Ridley Scott...


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