Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bah Humbug

This has become my new name at work. Why? Because we're not doing Christmas! Yippee!

I've been trying to get the darling Fluffrick to knock Christmas on the head for about five years now and in August he actually suggested that we not do it this year. Me doing ALL the driving on our two week holiday in Scotland seemed to make his mind malleable to my suggestions. So I've been doing the "we're not doing Christmas" dance ever since. The dance consists of me sitting in my chair and jigging a bit - it is quite disturbing.
I know there will be a great number of people who can't comprehend why I wouldn't want to do Christmas, but you wouldn't believe how relaxing it is. No cards to make and write, no gifts to buy and wrap, no Christmas tree lights to fight with, no trips to "Meadowhell", simply no seasonal madness to endure (there will probably we some food shopping madness to tolerate, but I can handle that). I will be cooking lunch on December 25, but then I cook every other day of the year so it won't make any difference.
So why don't I want to do Christmas? Well the stress reduction is obviously a big plus, but the main reason is that I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in Christ, so why should I have to go through the trauma of Christmas?
I'm not quite sure how my Mum is going to deal with all this, there will be Christmas going on in her part of the house. But if I want to give my Mum a present, or anybody else for that matter, I'll give then a present, I don't need to wait until the end of December to do so.
I'm just a rebel with out a pause! I don't think so.


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