Thursday, 3 December 2009

Instant Gratification

I've just bought a downloaded pattern for the first time, talk about instant gratification. The only downside is you can't save the PDF provided, you just have to print it straight off, instant might be a slight overstatement when you are printing off 40 odd pages on a little inkjet printer.
Yes, the picture above is of the pattern I bought. I've been meaning a make a coat for Bonnie for about a year now. I'm not one of those scary people that usually dresses up their dog (the pink aisle at "Pets at Home" truely disturbs me), but Bonnie is camoflage dog. She blends in so well with the leaves at this time of year that it very difficult to see her. So I am going to make her a nice blue coat that is easy to spot and will keep her warm. I am predicting she will try to shake it off within two seconds flat, but what is a Doggy Mummy to do.


Anonymous said...

Wow - he is a big boy, isn't he?

No wonder he needs to keep so warm.

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