Tuesday, 14 August 2012

6 o'clock in the morning - just the two of us

So, it was just Hagrid and I out this morning.  Being a lovely and generous wife, I am currently sharing the cold that has been mithering me for the past week with the lovely Fluffrick. Aren't I generous?

We have had a bit of a week with the lovely Hagrid.  We were taking him out for his evening constitutional last Thursday, when a "Staffy-Cross" came barrelling down the road, off the lead and launched an unprovoked attack on Hagrid.  Hagrid may be quite big, but he is also a great big wuss, so by the time the dog's owner managed to pull him off Hagrid, the poor boy had four nasty bites.

Needless to say Hagrid has been feeling very sorry for himself and can't understand why we won't let him lick his metaphorical and literal wounds.  The bites are healing quite well, although we have had to resort to the "cone of shame" to prevent the licking.  But Hagrid is on the mend and hopefully the whole incident will not have traumatised him too much, he was a very nervous dog to begin with.


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