Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Amy Pond Scarf

In honour of the departure of the lovely Amy and Rory from Dr Who, I have knitted myself and Amy Scarf.  I'm going to miss those two crazy kids.  I'm sure the new companion will be great, it's just going to be an adjustment.

So as we bid farewell to Amy and Rory I can remember them via the medium of knitwear.  It isn't an authentic Amy scarf, it's more a homage to both Amy and the Tom Baker Dr Who.  It is also just about the easiest scarf to knit. 19 stitches, garter stitch and 5mm needles and continue to knit until your hand drops off.

I maybe went a little over the top with the length (it's about 3 meters long), but as I wanted the two ends the same colour, I had to wait until that colour appeared in the ball of yarn again.  I can't remember where or when I bought the yarn and I seem to have lost the band so I don't even know what composition the yarn is (wool I think as it is a little itchy).  I think I must have bought the yarn to knit some socks (I have a stupid amount to sock yarn waiting to be used), but I think it works much better as a scarf, now I just have to try not to trip over it.

You've got to keep an eye out for those damn cats


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