Friday, 5 October 2012

What to Eat This Week

To I haven't posted up my menu plan for a few weeks.  In my defence I've been busy (now don't faint) working.  I am back among the employed, albeit working part time, from home, with very variable hours, but it's work and I'm being paid and in a few months time I will have the joy of completing a self assessment tax return.

So what are we going to eat this week.

Tartiflette (with totally inauthentic smoked salmon) followed by Chocolate Cake

Sweetcorn Chowder


Mushroom Dopiaza, Dhal, Naan Bread (approved foods) and Spiced Courgette Fritters


Veggie Sausages, Home made Baked Beans (white beans from approved foods) and Roast Potatoes (Fluffrick loves a Roastie)

Scallops, Couscous salad and Fennel

This chocolate cake was a much better success that the one I made for my birthday, that cake was rather dry, but the post about it has proved very popular.  I let everybody eat the cake and tell me they enjoyed it before I told them the secret ingredient.  Drum roll please...courgette.  Here is the recipe for the Chocolate Courgette Cake, it doesn't say in the recipe how finely to grate the courgette, but I did it on the fine side of the grater and apart from the moisture it adds to the cake you can't tell it's in there.  For the icing I just made a simple ganache with plain chocolate and a little warm milk (rather than cream). Yum, yum, yum.


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