Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday Flashback - It's BACK...

...and it has a Jones for great movie trailers from the 1980's.

To wit - 

"The Last Starfighter" - which I need on HD, like, yesterday.  The news that people want to remake this makes me sad and/or moderately homicidal (not really - but seriously skeptical that it won't be a charmless rehash with rebooted CG eye-candy).

"Enemy Mine"- Wolfgang Petersen's Ebony and Ivory tale of a stranded Earthman struggling to survive on a hostile planet with an Alien enemy combatant - your man Louis Gossett Jnr managing to act somehow under seventeen bazillion layers of latex.

"Labyrinth"did anybody see this movie in 1986 and not have a huge crush on Jennifer Connelly?  Or David Bowie (love the frightwig, Jared)?  Wouldn't it be cool to see more epic, puppety goodness of this ilk in cinemas again?  I guess that "The Spiderwick Chronicles" were a move in the right direction, and director Mark Waters admitted his debt to Amblin's 80's catalogue in that flick's publicity tour.

"Back To The Future" rules your ass.  That is all.

"Ghostbusters" - "They catch the ghosts that won't stay dead" - oh, 80's trailer voice artists (feel the joy).

And, inevitably enough, my favourite movie trailer of all time - James Cameron's "The Abyss".


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