Monday, 27 October 2008

PS3 games out this week - LBP edition

The lovely folks over at PS3 Fanboy have their weekly list of new releases for your perusal - whilst LBP has made it past the enforced week or so delay to patch the controversial Qu'ran-quoting music track out of the game, and is ready for release in the US and Asia, for a European audience, the ever-present spectre of localisation has raised it's head and we get to see the game next week.

As ever, whilst games are not region-locked on the PS3 and you can import the title, it really isn't the best idea, as any downloadable content is region-locked to the various PSN stores - if you buy the US game, you have to download stuff from the US store.

Good luck with that.

Other stuff out this week in the US - the previously-discussed "MotorStorm - Pacific Rift", "Fallout 3 - Collector's Edition", "MotoGP 08" & "Guitar Hero - World Tour".  

"Quantum of Solace", "Fallout 3 - CE", "Siren - "Blood Curse", "Valkyria Chronicles", "To End All Wars", "Buzz! Quiz TV - special edition" and "Hail To The Chimp", meanwhile, are out in the UK - note that we're getting the latest 007 game a good couple of weeks before the US, to coincide with the movie's release here this weekend.

Even though I'm not good at shooters, I guess that I'd be opting for "Quantum of Solace" as my purchase this's that "COD4" engine, don't you know.



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