Tuesday, 7 October 2008

An update...

Things have been quiet on Rolling Eyeballs, of late.  A sad state of affairs, to be sure, and one that I attribute entirely to those unexpected Outside Factors.

Outside Factor Part The First?

Bonnie, our new dog.  She needs the attention, you know.

Outside Factor Part The Second?

Our new Playstation 3.  Which is a fully kick-bottom BD player, has a clutch of games worth looking at and multimedia functionality which makes it a real competitor to the 360 (is it just snide elitism on my part to infer that I don't really regard the Wii as being next gen?).

Outside Factor Part The Third?

That new college course I began last week - thinking about contemporary English novels doesn't leave much time for pottering around the Interwebs and sharing a grab-bag of content for you to behold.

Normal service hopefully resumed?


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