Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Day Out in Bradford - or the dangers of letting me loose in a fabric shop

Last Wednesday (yes, I know a whole week ago) Fluffrick and I had a day out in Bradford. It may not leap to the front of everyone's mind as a day trip destination, but it was a grand day out, which my love wrote a post about over on his blog.

As well as the cultural stuff at Salts Mill and The National Media Museum, I was indulged by going to the lovely fabric shop "The Shuttle". Despite the fact that I really do not need any more fabric, I came away with the following lovely things.

From Top to Bottom:

Sage Green Irish Linen - £1 a meter - 3 meters
Mint Green Baby Cord - £2 a meter - 2 meters
Brown with a blue Stripe Linen Mix - £2 a meter - 3 meters
Golden Irish Linen - £1 a meter - 3 meters
Lilac Baby Cord - £1 a meter - 1.1 meters
Navy Jumbo Cord - £3 a meter - 2.5 meters

They have wonderful shelves in the back with discounted fabric, I could not resist. I already know what I want to do with half the fabric, the Green Baby Cord is going to be another "Boden" inspired dress for me. The brown stripe and Navy Jumbo Cord and both going to be trousers for Fluffrick. When I pull my finger out and actually make theses things I will post pictures here, Fluffrick will be so happy to model again.

In addition to the David Hockney gallery at Salts Mill, there is a great Cafe on the top floor and a wonderful bookshop on the second floor. I do love a good bookshop. I know it is far cheaper to buy books on-line, but there is nothing quite like browsing round a well laid out bookshop and I came away with this little treasure.

There are lots of lovely breads, biscuits and sweet things to try, it should be fun.


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