Tuesday, 20 December 2011


The latest production by the "Heeley Hoofers" was last month, a musical comedy called "Crazy Capers, Dodgy Deals". The play was set in 1971, hence the somewhat disturbing costumes.

 This group picture has just over half the cast, that's me on the far right, but what is most disturbing is that my  costume came entirely from my own wardrobe, and yes I was supposed to be a Hippy.
Maureen is wearing a wonderful Crimplene Vintage blouse that I found in a local charity shop.  Liz is wearing a blouse I made using a period pattern "Style 1144",

 This is John in his "Burglar" jumper.  The stripes really should have been wider, but I had only budgeted for one pot of fabric paint.  Never mind "Fluffrick really likes this t-shirt, it may find it's way into his wardrobe.
  A fancy dress party was a plot point in the play, so here we have the Wicked Queen, Snow White and a Princess.  The Wicked Queen costume was far more dramatic in person, or maybe that was Jeanie's performance.  I have to say I did put off making this costume for a long time, but it turned out better that I expected. I did enjoy making the Snow White costume and it wasn't too difficult to make.  Fortunately Lola fitted in the the "Princess" dress I made for our last production, can we work a very slim princess into our next show?
 Another recycled costume from our "Treasure Island" production, I just had to make the mask
Marcia as a wonderful Bumble Bee, I'm sure she was very glad she was only in the costume for ten minutes as it was made of fur fabric and rather warm and boy was it hot backstage. 
 Luke, on the right, was so ecstatic with is Batman costume, even more so when I found him some tights that he could get past his knees.  Women's tights are not designed for men who are over six feet tall, who knew.
 Chris and John in drag, they did make such classy women.

This was a massive production in terms of costumes, I had to procure 46 different costumes for a mere 16 cast members and I'm no good at delegating when it comes to costumes.  We are running out of space under the bed for all the costumes from the last three productions, all I can say is thank goodness for vacuum storage bags.


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