Monday, 19 December 2011

Why do I feel like I'm being taken advantage of?

I don't dress my dog up as a fashion accessory, but with the weather being so cold and wet at the moment, the only way to get her out the door is to put a coat on her.  Then she will happily scamper about in the park, or maybe she is trying to fling the coat off.

So I bought this pattern last week, it is a Simplicity Sew Simple sewing pattern, containing only one sheet of tissue paper and three pages of instructions and priced $1.49 (or so it said at the bottom of the catalogue page).  However this isn't the price I paid here if the UK, where $1.49 translates to £0.96, no I was charged £3.45, a 250% mark up.  I really do feel that I am being ripped off.


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