Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I don't know if I'm being unreasonable

It's been a very long time since I have eaten red meat.  I announced to my Mum when I was thirteen that I was becoming a vegetarian and she told me that I wasn't.  She was worried that as a teen age girl a vegetarian diet would not provide me with enough iron or protein, it was the 1980's, she probably wasn't wrong.  We came to the compromise that I wasn't going to eat red meat, but I would still eat chicken and fish.

This has been the status quo for almost 30 years.  However, I find that I am increasingly adding vegetarian meals to the weekly menu and cutting down on the meat and this is not always going down well with my Mum.  I made the cover recipe from "Vegetarian Living" for Sunday lunch this week, a Borlotti  Bean and Chestnut Stew and Mum's initial reaction was to ask why we weren't having Chicken or Salmon.

The are several reasons that I am switching to more vegetarian meals, it's cheaper, it's healthier, it's also more exciting for me to cook, I love trying new things.  Is it unreasonable for me to expect my Mum to eat this food?  I don't mean to give the impression that Mum is a whinger, most of the time she happily eats the food I put in front of her.  I am just being too sensitive about any negative comments?  Maybe I just need to chill a bit and cut back on the Celeriac.


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