Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So I'm making a shirt for Fluffrick

Okay this isn't Fluffrick's shirt,  After cutting out Fluffrick's shirt, I had about 30cm left, too little to make another garment, too much to just discard.  With the addition of 60cm of Denim, the result is this skirt.  The pattern is from the September 2000 issue of Burda Magazine.  The check bias trim just adds a little fun to a basic skirt.  I've not worn it yet, but I think I will be wearing it a lot, I might just wait until it is a little warmer.

Fluffrick will have his new shirt before the end of the week, provided Minnie doesn't fuss too much.  She would much rather I gave her a snuggle, than got out the sewing machine.


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