Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me Made May - Days 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31

I am not going to miss the daily photo session, but it is nice to wear some things I haven't worn in a while.  Below is a Coco that I actually had to make twice.  Originally it was not colour-blocked, but the fabric shrunk quote dramatically, so I took it apart and added a black yoke.  The skirt was made a couple of years ago from a charity shop find and I must have lost weight since I made it as it now site on my hips.

I do love this fabric, walking dogs, it is one of the few items my boss asked me if I made.

Wewent up to Scarborough on the 20th to see Fluffrick's Mum.  I'm wearing my jeans, my navy stripe Coco and my new colour blocked (from remnants) Jenna cardigan.  I need to tweek the fit of the cardigan, as it is too big at my hips and I would be happier if the sholder was a little higher, but a very wearable muslin.

Here is Fluffrick with his lovely Mum, wearing his new Finlayson Jumper and his Jedediah Jeans.  I love me a good Thread Theory pattern.

One of my many Amy Butler Lotus tops, this was the first one I made from a refashioned shirt and a refashioned Boden Skirt.  Another charity shop find, that was several sizes too small, but also too long, which resulted in me separating the front and back, using the top two thirds of the front, the bottom two thirds of the back and re-attaching the two together.  Although it has my sewing fingerprints over the whole skirt, it doesn't quite feel me made.

My 70's denim skirt with my Gray All Day Sandpoint top.  This is the first time I have worn this top since I pattern tested, but I really don't think it's my style, so I don't know how much longer it will be taking up space in my wardrobe.

My Simmons dress again, it is a really comfortable dress, if it wasn't so black I would wear it more.  I have no idea what we're all looking at! 

My raspberry chambray New Look skirt, with my stripe Bronte t-shirt and a shrug I made about 20 years ago.  It was really cold today.

It finally go warn enough to wear my Tour de France skirt, paired with a new Amy Butler Lotus top.  I think I could maybe do with shortening the top just a little, but it is nice to have a plain top to pair with things.

My jeans again, this time with a Mimi blouse.  I made this last September and this is the first time I have worn it and I just don't like it as much as I feel I should.  It's a lovely fabric, a good fit, but It just doesn't feel me.  Maybe it will grow on me?

My new Onyx top with my other denim skirt.  The onyx top does not come with a button band, not raglan sleeves, these as just quirks of this iteration as I was using a mans shirt as my fabric.  More versions of theis top are in my future, made in a fabri though that doesn't make it look like scrubs.

You may not see why, but this is one of my favourite dresses and one I have actually blogged about, maybe it could have used an iron. 

And finally the 31st.  My jeans again (this month has just been too damn cold) here with a top I copied from a favourite White Stuff top.  I had a hell of a job finding a light enough material, this is actually the lining from a Per Una skirt that is awaiting refashioning.

And why do I have this face... 

... because I am about to get a Hagrid Hug.

A couple of days as missing here.  I worn the same outfit on the 19th and 29th.  And there is no photo for the 25th and I can't remember what I wore.

So another me made may done and dusted, I can't help but think this would have been easier if I had already blogged about the things I had made. 


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