Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Me Made May - Days 8, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18

I'm going to be brief and to the point today, as I have over a week's clothes to catch up on.
Here is my purple plantain t-shirt again, teamed with one of the 11 versions of Newlook 6106. 
This iteration didn't get an outing last September in One Week One Pattern, as it was too warm (not so much this day).  I refashioned it from a charity shop find that said dry clean only, which I have very much ignored, to no ill effects.

This is a t-shirt I made a couple of years ago, by refashioning 2 t-shirts.  I think the pattern is now out of print.  Originally it had more of a cowl neck, but just recently I reduced the cowl and I like it a whole lot more now.  I'm wearing it with my lovely jeans.

My first Bronte t-shirt, which is nice in person but looks rather blah in these pictures.  I made it by refashioning an large striped grey man's t-shirt.  This is such a quick t-shirt to make, I made it as a last minute sew to take on holiday last year and sewed it together in one evening.  It's teamed with a Raspberry Chambray Newlook 6106.

 Here is my entry for the Simplicity Star Sewist, which I detailed here, teamed with my denim skirt and a lovely puppy.

My lucky dress, I wore it went I went for the interview for my current job last year.  It's New Look 6069,now out of print.  I am insanely proud of my pattern matching on this dress.  
Note to self - stand up straight when you are having your photo taken.

One of my many Amy Butler "Lotus" tops, this one refashioned from a man's shirt (that way you can cheat and use the buttons and buttonholes that are already there).  The colour hasn't come out well in these photos, it is a little more subtle in person.  It is paired with Simplicity 2061 trousers, that I made last week using some linen/cotton fabric that has been in my stash for years.  They are so comfortable it is like wearing PJs.

Another "Bronte", again refashioned from a charity shop find (it always helps to look in the plus size section, more fabric for your money) and teamed with a remnant skirt, squeezed out of fabric I had left over from making the trousers that appear on day 18. Yes, I am shivering in this picture, it was bloody cold!!!

My first Coco (subsequently altered as it was far to loose) and my first attempt at jeans, now wearable since I replaced the recycled zip.  This is not the best photo of the outfit, but it does show that we do in fact have two dogs.  Bonnie rarely stays still long enough to have her picture taken.

Repeats today, my Turquoise plantain and my 70's demin skirt, it's madness to still have to be wearing my winter tights in the middle of May.

My stripey brown Coco, the only one that isn't colour blocked in some way.  But I didn't completely stay true to the pattern, as the sleeves are only elbow length with a little cuff with the stripe going on the oposite direction.  Teamed with my hoody and the Simplicity 2061 trousers of comfort.

And finally, another refashioned Coco, this time navy and white and my grey linen/cotton trousers, made using the same pattern as I used for my jeans.  They did look much better when I put them on a 7am, but they are linen after all.  The denim jacket is RTW, bought at least ten years ago.


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