Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Me Made May - Days 5, 6 and 7

The weather is still reeking havoc with my Me Made May plans.  It can be sunny in the morning, raining by lunchtime and perrising in the afternoon.  This is an everyday problem, but it has been excentuated by a lack of me made layers, this is certainly something that needs rectifying.  Anyway, that's enough complaining, on to the outfits and the doggy photo-bombing.

I made this dress on holiday in February (doesn't everyone take their sewing machine on holiday with them?).  Again it was for a challenge from The Monthly Stitch, but never posted.  This is the same Coco - Plantain pattern mash up that I used for my Simmons dress, but this the collar omitted and contrast neck and cuffs applied.  The green body of the dress is a heavy polyester jersey, I don't have very many man made fibers in my wardrobe, I do prefer natural fibers, but I had been wearing this dress all day and no wrinkles.  I'm wearing this with my favourite boots, something of an inpulse buy when on holiday in Scotland.  These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought (and they were in the sale), but as I have worn then more days then not, since I bought them, they are going to end up really good value for money.  It's a pity I can't make my own shoes, as I pretty much spent my annual shoe budget on these.

Here is the first appearance of my Bronte tops (I now have 3 and I'm sure I will make more).  This is such a quick pattern to sew and the binding at the neckline gives it a very prefessional looking finish.  It's hard to see the jersey fabric here, but it's a marl cream with two tone blue flowers, so I accented it with navy bindings.  I seldon pre-wash my fabric (I like to live dangerously) and I do think this has got a little shorter and a tad wider, but it's still very wearable.  I'm wearing my jeans again, I've now done a little research and the pattern I used was Knipmode May '07 10b, so it won't be that long now before that pattern is vintage.

I have made quite a few t-shirts this past year.  The outfit below is a refashioned Coco and another skirt made using Simplicity 9825, this time the A-line rather than straight version.  The pocket is from NewLook 6345 and definately gives the skirt a 70's look.  The pockets were cut on different grains, which probably only I notice, but I was using left over fabric from making Fluffrick a pair of jeans and didn't have a lot to work with.  The t-shirt was refashioned from a mans large purple t-shirt and a too small striped purple womens t-shirt.  

Using repurposed material does require some creative thinking at times.  None of the striped t-shirt I used was wide enough to cut the top bodice piece.  So I matched the stripes, made a faux placket and added some buttons to make it look like an intentional design feature, not a mattern of necessity.  If I'm using repurposed material, I do like to try and re-use the hems (especially with jersey)  so the sleeve of this t-shirt were cut from the original t-shirt bodice, reusing the original bottom hem.

I seem to be going on a bit, as you maybe can tell I haven't previously posted about these clothes and as I now have to go and pick Fluffrick up from work I'll leave it there for today.


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