Tuesday, 9 September 2008

For Apple Heads...

No huge shocks from todays Apple press conference - iTunes 8 is available now, with spiffy new "Genius" playlists and some slight upgrades to the interface (there's a 'Grid View' available in this iteration, if that floats your racing yacht).

There's a new iPod touch - with thanks to our peeps at Gizmodo - which looks like this.  Hmm, nice...

This time around, there's a new iteration of the Nano, which is more bevelled, thinner and has a slightly revamped user interface (album art scoots along at the bottom of the screen, rather than at the side as at present).  The scroll wheel has gained a turbo charge, too.

The Classic, just as I've bought the 80gb, jumps to a 120gb storage configuration.  Gah!!

There's also a software update coming this week for the iPhone, but as I don't have one, and have no plans to get one, I'm not getting too excited about it.  Current firmware bugginess has been sorted, by all accounts.

That's what you get for being a Beta tester, I guess...


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