Friday, 5 September 2008

Ghostbusters 3 - new stirrings on the spectral grapevine

Remember that rumour doing the rounds about a new entry in the "Ghostbusters" series  - possibly a next generation reboot featuring the likes of Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd rather than the classic Murray/Ackroyd/Ramis/Hudson quartet?

Another day, another wrinkle - word is that Columbia Pictures have hired Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky from the US incarnation of "The Office" to write a third installment in the series - they've just worked with Harold Ramis on his latest directorial project, the Jack Black-starring biblical comedy "Year One".

The thinking at this point appears to be that the classic cast are the target of this script - with it being a continuation of the established characters rather than - as is the fashion - a ground-up reboot designed to appeal to the blog generation  (wait a minute....)

You can read Empire's take here, Cinematical's story here and AICN fanbobbins here.

As much as I love the first film, enjoyed the second and eagerly anticipate the chance to get my paws on a build of the in-limbo video game, I'm sure that I'd rather entertain this film as was - there's more opportunity to deliver a flick with more contemporary effects, but the idea of FX-heavy comedy can go either way, can't it?


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