Thursday, 25 September 2008

UK Games Release Dates - out this weekend...

On the shelves in your local games retailer tomorrow...

"Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway" - Xbox 360 (WWII-set FPS action from Gearbox)

"WipeOut HD" - PS3 (The PS' futuristic racer goes next gen for the first time - for download via the Playstation store) 

"NHL 09" -PS3 (Another year, another annual EA sports update - this one getting great       reviews...)

"Baja - Edge of Control" - 360 (An off-road racer from the dev team who brought you "MX Vs ATV")

"Battle Fantasia" - 360 (Pretty looking, predictably insane 2D fighting game from Japan)

"Vampire Rain - Altered Species" - PS3 (The original stealth-em-up got bad reviews on the 360 last year - this hasn't done any better)

"Pure" - 360/PS3/PC (My pick of the week - insane off-road ATV racing game from Black Rock and Disney Interactive - so much fun, gorgeous visuals, pumping tunes, great controls - you need this game in your life if you've ever had time for "Burnout" or the much-missed "SSX" games)


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