Saturday, 27 September 2008

Just like old times...

(Assuming venerable Grandpa demeanour and quavering voice) Remember the early days of DVD? Back in the very late 90's, when you would buy a movie and pray to the deity of your choice that it didn't lock-up your player? When you had to weigh-up the odds of sending your player to a Mod specialist who advertised in the back of "DVD Review" or finding a retailer who offered modded machines which could circumvent the stupidity of region coding?

Despite Blu-Ray having won the HD format battle, it appears that we haven't really advanced that much in the last nine or ten years - Region Locking is still with us and still as dumb as it ever was, and Paramount's first big Autumnal release, Jon Favreau's Marvel hit "Iron Man" is bricking BD players.

The more things change...

(Via AV Forums and Home Cinema Choice)


Fluffrick said...

Course, it would be appropriate to note at this point that we've just bought a PS3 and this shouldn't cause us too many problems (the PS3 is still the most problem-free BD player by far).

Still - companies like Panasonic, Sharp and the like really shouldn't be releasing kit which falls over at the slightest example of Java-based interactivity.

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