Monday, 8 September 2008

That One Kid, redux

CNBC business anchor Jane Wells  on her son's next gen console flip-flopping.

Say what you want about the 360 - reliability issues, rabid nutjobs all over Live, the whole 'more FPS than anyone really needs' malarkey - it does have the games that PS3 currently lacks in abundance.

Why, only today I visited my local game store in Fluffrickville and heard a pearler of a comment from some hapless fanboy trying to gain some traction in a discussion with an equally diehard 360-ite - "Yeah, PS3 games are not as compelling as their Xbox equivalents because Devs are only wrestling with 40 per cent of the Sony boxes' performance".

You can't tell from where you're reading this post, but I'm genuinely rolling my eyeballs in disbelief.

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