Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Inspiration, the Pattern, the Result

I don't know how but I somehow got on the mailing list for Boden. Lovely clothes, but laughable prices. Anyway I was flicking through and saw the above dress and I was in love, but I was not in love with the £69 price tag.

But of course I can make myself one, so the quest began for a pattern, because of course I didn't already have one I could use (this is a big fat lie). And as Simplicity happened to have a half price sale on...

This is the pattern I chose. I really like the pleat detail at the neckline, and as it had a panelled front I knew I would easily be able to add pockets (I always need pockets).

It has taken me far too long to realise that I need to alter commercial patterns. My back length is 5cm longer than the pattern standard, so if I don't want everything very high waisted, then I need to add in some length. I also took it in a little bit at the waist, because it didn't have enough shape when I tried it on. Another thing I need to remember, is when I add length to the back, I need to take it off the hem, because it is easier to do to the pattern, then the dress. The other addition I made was some little puff sleeves, that I borrowed from another pattern.

So this is the finished result. It is made from fabric from my stash, I think it is a linen cotton mix, but it also has a bit if stretch to it. This stretch meant that I didn't need the zip, which is one advantage of being fairly straight up and down. I really like how it came out and this is definitely a style I will be making again. The original was made of corduroy and I have some bottle green cord in my stash, so that might be my next attempt, now that I've sorted out the pattern niggles.


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