Sunday, 18 September 2011

Long time no type

So I don't quite know how it got to be over a year since I last posted, I have been doing stuff, honest.

I've been making more costumes for the "Heeley Hoofers". We have another show coming up in November, so it's a 1970's costume bonanza.

I've been over-protective of our little dog Minnie. The over-protectiveness really kicked in when we were told she had kidney problems. Thankfully she is doing much better, she will now eat her Renal dog food without too much protest; even though it does give her the most awful bad breath.
Recently I've been doing quite a bit of reading. All seven "Harry Potter" books in the space of three weeks. Having the luxury of time to do that has been lovely.

I will try to post more often, if I can find something interesting to post about.


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