Thursday, 31 May 2012

Me Made May'12 Days 25,26,27,28,29,30 and 31

So the last week of Me Made May'12.  Apart from having my photo taken everyday, I've enjoyed the process.  I've made some new clothes, worn several things I haven't worn in ages and of late bemoaned the horrible hot weather(I have to complain about the weather, I'm British).  So here are the final week's clothes.

Day 25
A thrifted Wallis skirt and my 1970's style t-shirt with my new gladiator sandals.  I don't know why I am pulling that face?

Day 26
This picture was taken late in the day (not at 7am like most of the other pictures), so my blouse is looking a little the worse for wear.  Helped in no small part by Hagrid giving me a through soaking when we gave him a bath.  He is such a good boy, in so many ways, we just have to get his behaviour with other dogs under control.

Day 27
This may not be the most flattering dress in the world, but it is very cool.  Comfort definitely was more important than style here, have I complained about the weather enough yet? 

Day 28
I made this blouse from some thrifted vintage fabric a couple of year ago and I think this may only be the third time I've worn it.  I have a White Stuff tunic top that I love and keep looking for patterns to replicate it, but this pattern was not it, the sleeves are a little tight, I may try to rectify that so that I will wear this more often. 

Day 29
An entire Me Made outfit here, both refashioned.  The top was originally a pillow case and the skirt initially a man's shirt.  There was a trend a couple of years ago of converting men's shirts into dresses, but for women far more petite than me.

Day 30
A repeat of my outfit from Day 16.

And Finally Day 31
The ubiquitous purple chambray skirt and my new Wiksten Tova blouse that I finished on Tuesday. It's a lovely pattern and fairly straight forward to make, this is really a wearable muslin and it's made from a sheet I bought for £1.29 (and that I have enough left of to make another 2 garments).  I was slightly depressing to have to make the XL size, as I don't think of myself as an XL person, but that minor quibble is not going to stop me making it again.  I have quite a few pieces of fabric that I can use to make this top.

As I said earlier I have enjoyed the challenge of Me Made May, but I probably need to create my own challenge rather than follow someone else's.  I definitely could do with utilising better what I already have, before I go out an acquire more stuff.  And even though the above shirt was made with a thrifted sheet, it did require the purchase of a new pattern. I have more fabric and patterns than I will probably ever need, so what I probably need to do is impose an embargo on  buying any new fabric or patterns for a while and try and use what I already have.

Watch this space and see how that works out... 


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