Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Me Made May'12 Days 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15

This post should actually be called, "Why can't the weather make up it's mind!".  I have discovered that there are far more handmade summer clothes in my wardrobe, but the weather has most definitely not been summery. So what to wear?

Day 9

This is a favourite skirt of mine, it's made with the same pattern as my denim skirt, which is from an old issue of BurdaStyle.  It's a very soft dark green moleskin and what you can't see because of Hagrid's lovely head are my white, green and red argyle socks, they have brought a smile to many a face.  Why do people find socks funny?

Day 10

This is my new favourite dress, I blogged about it here.  It is just so comfortable and I get to wear turquoise tights with it. 

Day 11

A whole outfit made by me.  The denim skirt again, which I have taken in so it doesn't sit quite so low on my hips.  The blouse is an old one, probably from the early 90's, it's from a "style" pattern and they went out of business a long time ago.  Of course when I put it on I remembered why I don't wear it very often, the buttonholes are large and come undone, of course I could fix this in about ten minutes, I just haven't got round to it.

Day 12

Here is a lesson in why I should take better care of my paper patterns.  I made these trousers a couple of years ago and they are really comfortable.  But I didn't put the pattern pieces back in the packet and now I don't quite know where they are.  That may not sound like a big problem, but I have 30 years accumulated fabric and patterns to look through.

Day 13

This is a blouse I refashioned from a charity shop skirt, the detail of the inset lace doesn't show up in the picture unfortunately.  The picture had to be taken as soon as I put it on, as it is made of linen and creases if you look at it.

Day 14

I wear this little top a lot.  I am a sucker for remnants, if I can get something at a reduced price I'm happy.  This top was made from less than a metre of fabric. I think it turned out quite well, even if none of the pictures with me looking to camera didn't.

Day 15

The t-shirt again from day 5, with the addition of a jaunty scarf and a Hagrid who is far more interested in the neighbourhood cats than having his picture taken.


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