Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Busy Busy Sewing

So there is very little point having a self imposed "Sew Spend Stoppage" if I don't actually start using what I already have; stash busting is the main aim after all.  So I had a rummage (literally, my fabric stash is not the most organised) and found some patterns and fabric that had been waiting to be utilised for far too long.

These trousers are from an issue of Knipmode I bought when we were on holiday in the Netherlands back in 2007 - Mei 2007 Broek 10b.  So it has only taken me 5 year to make them.  The fabric is a cotton/linen mix I think, bought at the Shuttle in Shipley last year, so that hasn't actually been hanging around too long.  Apart from having an excessively large hem, these trousers came out very well and I have already cut out another pair to make.  Fortunately I didn't need to follow the instructions in order to make up these trousers, as my ability to read Dutch is very limited.

 So I've come to the Tulip skirt a little late, but now that I have a really like it.  I'm not pear shaped, so I don't have issues with extra volume at the hips, so I don't know why I didn't embrace this style sooner.  Again this is an old pattern, Burda World of Fashion September 2007, 116b.  I had some of the blue/grey cotton/linen left over after I had made the trousers, so I decided to make this skirt.  It is a really easy to wear skirt, it has pockets which I always love.  I lengthened the skirt a little as I knew I would want to wear it without tights and as I have be insanely clumsy all my life my knees are just a mass of scar tissue, I needed the skirt to be a tad longer.


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