Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why did it take me so long to make this t-shirt?

So I started this t-shirt at least 2 years ago and by started I mean, I bought the pattern (downloaded actually as I had to have it immediately) and acquired 2 charity shop t-shirts to refashion.  And then nothing.  Fabric and pattern sat in a bag, somehow migrated up to the attic and waited for me to find then again.  And that happened on Tuesday.

Apologies for the really bad photo, it is a very grey rainy day here.  So I traced it out and cut it out (that was fun as the pattern says you need 1.5m of fabric and I had two not massive t-shirts) and sewed it up yesterday.

In hindsight I probably would have been better off testing this pattern out with regular fabric rather than trying to refashion two too small t-shirts, but we live and learn.  The fabric I used for the body, should have been a little drapier, the cowl just doesn't drape.  But I actually prefer it without a cowl.  The shawl should have been cut from a double layer of fabric and folded in half, but I just didn't have enough fabric.  So it is cut from a single layer and the front edge is hemmed and would probably drape much better if sewn as intended.

I don't know how I actually managed to line up the striped between the sleeves and the shawl collar, it was completely unintentional, a fluke if you will.  However, there was absolutely no way the sleeves were going to fit into the armhole, hence the puffy sleeves.

This is a simple pattern to make (the foibles of jersey fabric not with standing) and I will definitely make it again, although I try to remove the drape of the cowl all together and reduce the size of the sleeves so they actually fit.  So I really don't know why it too me so very long to make.


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