Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I didn't tell her there was a catch

Back in March I asked my Mum what she wanted for her birthday and she said I could sew some things for her.  So I refashioned a dress into a skirt and then Minnie became ill, so I didn't get anything else done in time for Mum's birthday.

That was 3 months ago, but as I am now back in the sewing swing of things, I decided I should probably make good on my promise.  However, I didn't tell Mum beforehand that I would want to blog about my sewing for her and that that would require a photo.

Here she is the new top, the pattern is Simplicity 2371.  If was quite a straight forward pattern to make, I made a few minor alterations.  I shortened the notch at the front and shortened the sleeves and put in small side vents.  Mum seems to like it.  I think she would quite like me to make her the trousers now.


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