Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Pledge - The Sew Spend Stoppage

So at the end of Me Made May'12, I made a half-arsed pledge to stop buying sewing more patterns or fabric and use what I already have.  I didn't give myself any guidelines, any kind of time-scale, just a maybe I shouldn't buy more stuff.  And as a consequence I went the following days and bought Sew magazine, because I liked the Lisette pattern that was included free with it (hardly free as the magazine costs £5.99).

Now it's a nice enough magazine, like the dozens of other sewing magazines I have bought and kept and hardly ever made anything from. It was a typical sewing impulse purchase and when I got the pattern home and had a closer look I felt less and less likely that it would be a pattern I would make a great deal of use out of.  But with my new ethos fresh in my mind I have actually used this pattern and this is the result. 

I cropped the dress to make a top instead, the check fabric is a remnant from a shirt I made Fluffrick several years ago and I also used it to make my own bias binding.  The plain fabric I bought when we went to Bradford and blogged about here.  I even had the perfect colour of cotton already in my stash.

So mostly stuff I already had, but the purchase of a new pattern none the less.

So here is what I pledge.  

For the remainder of 2012 I, Katrina of RollingEyeballs, will not purchase any new patterns, fabric, notions or sewing magazines.  I will use what I already have and I will only purchase haberdashery if it is essential to the completion of a garment. 

We can just overlook the bag of 27 zips that I bought at Oxfam in Buxton for the princely sum of £2.99, how could I pass that up?


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